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Summer Session Week 3

Here at Mid-Pen, we’re entering the third week of our Summer Session, which means we’re right about at the midpoint of our program. Summer Session gives students the opportunity to customize their summer with unique learning experiences and other fun activities! All students, whether they attend Mid-Pen during the traditional school year or not, can choose from a variety of unique 1-week courses that are not offered during the normal school year, including Athletic Workshops that run in the afternoon.   

Last week in our Forensic Science class, students were unleashed on a week long murder mystery case.  In a simulation of an actual murder case, “The Murder at Old Fields,” students were taught how to analyze hair, blood, tire tracks, and more, in order to figure out who was actually responsible for a simulated murder.  Furthermore, Criminalists (professionals who work in Forensic Science) from San Mateo County met with students to discuss real world applications of forensics and career opportunities within the field.

In our Greek Mythology course last week, students learned Greek Mythology by role-playing as the legendary figures of Ancient Greece. Participants had the opportunity to give speeches from the point of view of Greek characters, and to have debates as if they were living in that time period.  “I felt as if I was watching a debate between the actual Greeks and Trojans,” said Alan Cameron, Mid-Pen’s history teacher. Alan continued to say, “A main success was that the students were feeling highly engaged in the learning process.”

After classes, which end at 2:30 each day, students can participate in Athletic Workshops in basketball, volleyball, running, or soccer from 2:45-4:45. Athletic Workshops are suitable for beginning to advanced players, and are a great opportunity to learn and develop fundamental skills.

All classes offered during Summer Session award two credits for a week’s worth of study. Our Thursday BBQ, which the whole school attends, is a great opportunity for the community to get together and enjoy the warm, summer afternoons we get on campus. There is still time to attend Summer Session! If you’re interested, check out our Summer Session brochure on our website and email with any questions you might have.