• Larry Johnson
    "Having taught for 20 years in the crowded public schools, it has been a dream come true working with students in such a caring and nurturing school as Mid-Peninsula."
    Larry Johnston

    BA, Central Washington University; MA, University of Montana


    Larry has been teaching for a total of 51 years-31 of those years at Mid-Peninsula High School. While earning a bachelor's degree in Education at Central Washington University, he concurrently worked for the U.S. Forest Service in the summer gaining experience and training in Environmental Sciences. Larry taught in the public schools for several years before returning to college. He attended the University of Montana for graduate school after being awarded a National Science Foundation Fellowship, Larry accomplished all of this while maintaining a teaching job and attending graduate school. Larry credits his high school botany teacher as his inspiration for choosing teaching as his profession.

    Larry believes that he is responsible for teaching his students that science is everywhere in their lives, and it is of the utmost importance to understand it in order to preserve it. Interestingly enough, a former student of Larry's has traveled to the space station three times and even invited Larry to one of his launches. He also taught well-known comedian Dana Carvey.

    In his spare time, Larry enjoys working in his garden and traveling around the world. He has traveled to about half of the countries in the world.