Julia Longnecker



Degrees and Certifications:

BS, California State University-Monterey Bay

Julia Longnecker


Julia enjoys teaching at Mid-Peninsula because she feels supported in her belief that actual experiences in nature inspire learning. She also believes the goal for high school students at Mid-Peninsula is to develop strong scientific thinking skills and to begin an awareness of how scientific theories impact their lives. Julia wants to give her students a deeper appreciation of the world around them.

Julia's courses combine real life, lab and academic experiences. Each year her students travel to Catalina Island and come back with a deeper appreciation for Marine Science. This appreciation is reinforced by labs in the classroom, which expands students' experiences and gives them the practical skills of lab-based research. Julia believes that students work with more meaning and thoughtfulness when they can make the world come alive for them with real experiences supported by further academic study.

Julia has had extensive experience in Outdoor Education. She has written curriculum and led several programs throughout Catalina Island and the Santa Cruz Redwood Forest.

Julia's undergraduate work was accomplished in Oregon and San Diego, and she obtained her degree from CSU-Monterey Bay. Julia continues to enjoy learning more about science and innovative methods in teaching by attending classes and conferences.

Julia's grandmother fostered her love of science. This passion for science began when her grandmother gave her a yearly gift of Ranger Rick magazines, which piqued her curiosity and inspired her to learn more. Julia recognizes that through Estelle Montgomery's love of nature and respect for the planet, she is inspired to share the joys of science with others!

"Our students' future will help determine the quality of life on our planet."