• Academics

    We provide personalized academic experiences that maximize opportunities for students to explore and develop their talents and minimize the obstacles they may encounter on their path to a smooth and successful transition into colleges and careers. Our classes our small—typically under 15 students—and are designed to be interactive, collaborative, and creative environments where students are challenged to define and realize their goals and dreams. 

    When students commit to and participate in our enriching academic program, they learn how to focus and balance their intellectual and emotional considerations. Mid-Peninsula teachers provide close guidance, but more importantly, they challenge students to monitor their own choices and behavior. That way, students can discover their own personal motivation, character, and self-discipline.

    Our variable credit program grants academic credit based on the quantity of work, and grades are based on the quality of work. Our approach assures that students master the material and learn lessons about following through, personal ownership, accountability, and the importance of defining and achieving goals. These lessons provide the foundation for why 95% of our students matriculate to college after graduation.

    The flexibility of our program enables us to assure that students have a basic comprehension of each major discipline while also preparing students with exceptional talents and interests for ambitious college paths.  

    Mid-Peninsula High school is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (the only recognized accrediting body for secondary schools in California) and the California Association of Independent Schools. Our curricula meet standards of admission for the University of California, California State institutions, and private institutions of higher learning.

    Academics: Biology Lab