• Faculty and Staff

    Mid-Pen's faculty is a dedicated group of educators who inspire academic confidence by empowering diverse learners to reach their individual potential. In addition to sharing their specialized knowledge with our students, our instructors form a team that tends to the overall well-being and academic progress of every student - in the classroom, on the path to college, and in life outside of school.Tending to the overall well-being of our students means teachers form meaningful bonds with the kids. The result of this kind of engagement is a more deeply engaged, self-confident student with an enduring love of learning. Students thrive academically and socially by virtue of our caring, innovative, energetic, and inspirational faculty. Teaching is more than a job at Mid-Pen – it’s about playing a vital role in the daily life of a young person they imagine, dream, and explore who they will become.


    Head of School

    Phil Gutierrez

    List of Faculty
    Alan Cameron  - US History, World Studies (British History), World Studies I, World Studies II
    Caitlin Berka  - Drama, English I, English II
    Cory Huttenga - English I, English II, ESL
    David Oliver - Chemistry, Enviromental Science Physics
    Dave Richardson - College Advisor, Academic Director - Government
    Ethan Weker  - Algebra I, Geometry, Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry
    Francis Phiri - ASL I, ASL II, ASL III, ASL IV (American Sign Language)
    Jameson Swanagon - Music Ensemble, Music Theory, Studio Ensemble
    Jon Austin  - Community Service Coordinator - Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, Spanish IV
    Kurt Lange  - Athletic Director - Independent Study PE, Physical Education
    Laurie Miller - Advanced Composition, English III, English IV, Socratic Seminar
    Michelle Boire - Art II, Human Relations, Studio Art
    Nicola Willits - Algebra II, Calculus, Introduction to Algebra
    Tara Theobald-Anderson - English III, English IV, Gender Studies
    List of Staff
    Andrea Henderson  - Registrar and Diversity Director
    Anne Marie Schar - Technology Director
    Bob Yapp - Operations Director
    Heidi Schiessler -  Assistant Head of School
    Henry Trevor -  Development Director
    Kim Bennicas - Office Manager
    Liana Ahloy Dallaire - Receptionist and Office Assistant
    Jamie Schiessler - Associate Director of Admissions and Website Assistant
    Randy Johnson  - Director of Admissions
    Teresa Gomez  - Finance Director
    Wendi Wells - Counselor