• Campus

    Mid-Peninsula High School's campus is designed so our students can enjoy the outdoors as well as the indoors while studying. The school is the physical embodiment of its educational philosophy: a student-centered community. The bright, open building encourages students to work together and share time in a warm friendly atmosphere.

    With its curved walls, high ceilings and light-filled spaces, the campus is a welcoming place with the unmistakable imprint of the young people who inhabit it. Its hallways double as galleries for student work in various media: sketching, painting, silkscreen and multi-media. Even the Mid-Peninsula mascot is a striking dragon water sculpture created by a student artist that prominently adorns the school's entrance.

    Classrooms designed for interaction radiate out from the building's physical and figurative heart—the Enrichment Center—in which students gather, pursue research and work independently or in groups. A few steps in either direction are the modern, well-appointed gymnasium, which is used for athletics and all-community gatherings, and the studio arts rooms. Adjoining the building are attractive outdoor spaces including green fields, patios and other areas for learning, recreation and relaxing.