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    The Peer Tutoring program provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop as student leaders. Peer Tutors are not merely Teacher Aides or students available to help students with individual problems. Peer Tutors are teaching partners with the instructor and as such are given a great deal of responsibility to collaborate with the teacher on lesson presentations, teaching strategies and case counseling regarding student learning issues.
    Although we invented the Peer-Tutoring program within the Algebra II classroom, the concept has spread across the overall Mid-Peninsula curriculum. We accept Peer Tutors in all levels of math as well as our foreign language programs. Individual and Core Teachers choose students to be Peer Tutors once they master a certain level in a particular course subject.
    Individual teachers generally request Teacher Aides to help them with day-to-day classroom functions. If a student chooses to add a class to his/her schedule as a Teacher Aide, the student must speak with his/her teacher and express his/her interest to assume the responsibility of becoming a Teacher Aide. Then, the student must check with the Counselor to confirm that this decision fits into the student's overall four-year plan.