•  Francis
         "Deaf People can do anything except hear."
         -I. King Jordan



    Franci Phiri
    Ohlone College

    Teaches: ASL I, ASL II, ASL III, ASL IV

    Francis Phiri was born and raised in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia in Africa. At the age of 12, he became ill with malaria and it caused his hearing to slowly deteriorate, becoming Deaf at age 18. He has always been a lover of education which eventually provided him the opportunity to come to California for college. 

    Francis studied at Rochester Institute of Technology then returned to Ohlone College to complete his degree in Deaf Studies and Liberal Arts. He is excited to continue his studies in Education at San Francisco State University.
    Francis has taught at a private San Francisco international language school, ABC Languages, presents as a motivational speaker for community organizations, workshops, and charter school conferences. He is an organizer for the monthly Deaf Night Out and ASL Meet-up in San Francisco.
    Francis' goal is to inspire others to follow their dreams and be successful, with patience, flexibility and motivation.  He now shares his passion by teaching others the value of education, the importance of communication, and the power of human connections. 
    Francis enjoys travelling with his wife Kaci.