• Rolling Admissions
    At Mid-Pen we enroll students in grades 9-12 throughout the year as space is available. If you are interested in joining us during the current school year, please follow the steps listed below and call our Admissions Office at (650) 321-1991 ext. 120 to expedite the application process. All materials below are in PDF form to download and print, or if you would like a paper copy of our materials, please contact the Admissions Office.  
    1. Schedule an Admissions Meeting and Visit Mid-Pen
    It is important to us that families make this decision together. The first steps in admissions are to schedule a meeting and visit our campus. Please call the Admissions Office for an appointment. This is an excellent opportunity for you to tour the school, learn about our philosophy, ask questions of our Admissions Staff and see if Mid-Pen may be the right choice for you. Most families schedule their visit on the same day the student shadows. Tours for parents/guardians may follow the admissions meeting.  
    2. Shadow Day
    After the admissions meeting, the Admission Director will provide the parent/s with a tour of the campus. Prospective students spend a day “shadowing” with a current Mid-Peninsula student, attending classes and socializing with peers. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know our school, teachers, administrators and students on a more personal level. This is a required part of the admissions process.  
    3. Admissions Application
    At Mid-Peninsula, we believe that both students and parents/guardians are integral to the admissions process. Please share your thoughtful responses on the application and mail, fax or drop off your application at our Front Office. We also prefer prospective students to complete the application after they have shadowed for a day. There is no application fee.  
    4. Supplementary Materials
           o If  a student is transferring anytime during the school year, we require at least two recommendations from a Math Teacher, English Teacher, Counselor or Principal. Occasionally there is another adult, such as a tutor or therapist, who can provide a recommendation and more insight into our understanding of a student. This information is valuable to Mid-Peninsula because it helps us to know more about you as a student, enabling us to better understand how we can help you reach your educational goals. We know there might be instances that will make it difficult to obtain recommendations, so please do talk with us about your particular situation. 
          o Please complete the Transcript Release and request that your current school send Mid-Peninsula High School an official transcript. Submit a copy of this request with your application. •Academic and/or Psychological Testing
          o If you have had any testing regarding educational or psychological concerns, we would like to receive a copy of those reports. Our Counselor will review this material as part of the admissions process.  
       o If you have a diagnosed learning disability and have an IEP/504 on file or receive any accommodations at your current school, please submit copies for our learning specialist to review.
    5. Application Review and Decision
    Once all the application materials have been submitted, the Admissions Committee will review the file and deliver a decision within a couple of days if possible. At times it is necessary for us to follow up with references or the current school, which might delay the process. It should take no longer than a week.