• A Day in the Life

    Hayley, Sophomore

    This is my favorite class for sure. Math doesn't usually come easy to me, but Mike is so helpful, and in our period, we have 2 peer tutors that walk around and help. Last night's homework was a little confusing but I got everything cleared up. It's great because Mike usually hangs around before school and at lunch to give us extra help if we need it. Mike had us play a game to help us remember the theorems and tomorrow we have a quiz. Hopefully I will get some time tonight to study.




    9:30-10:20 GEOMETRY
    10:25-11:15 WORLD STUDIES 
    11:15-11:30 BREAK
    11:30-11:50 CORE
    11:55-12:45 ENGLISH II
    12:45-1:25 LUNCH
    1:25-2:15 CHEMISTRY
    2:20-3:10 ASL I 
    3:10 End of the day