• A Day in the Life

    Corey, Junior

    I'm a little overwhelmed in my math class. We've been working on some more complicated topics in Algebra II (when do we not?), and I've really had to stay focused in class. The tutors in this period are so great. I usually have a million questions, but he answers them and is so patient with me. Nicola went over yesterday's class work, and I realized that I actually did pretty well. Sweet. I had to re-take my last test because I didn't do well, so it's great that I'm finally getting it!! Luckily, today is more review to make sure that we really understand before we have a quiz. I used the time to review and to go over the problems I missed in yesterday's work.
    Algebra II
    Algebra II
    Algebra II
    9:30-10:20 ALGEBRA II
    10:25-11:15 COLLEGE TEST PREP
    11:15-11:30 BREAK
    11:30-11:50 CORE
    11:55-12:45 PHYSICS
    12:45-1:25 LUNCH
    1:25-2:15 U.S. HISTORY
    2:20-3:10 DRAMA
    3:10 End of the day
    3:30-5:10 STUDIO ART