• Commencement at Mid-Peninsula High School is a special time for the Graduates but it is also a time that Faculty and Staff enjoy.  At Mid-Peninsula we do not choose a Valedictorian, but rather any student who wishes to speak at the ceremony is encouraged to do so.  Please enjoy our five graduate speakers, our alumni speaker, and our presentation of our Founder's Award. We are also pleased to include two performances by graduates.
    We are pleased to share the thoughts of each of these individuals with our greater community. 
    Please scroll down to view all of the videos.  You may need to adjust your speakers to hear the audio. 
    Dave Richardson was pleased to present this year's Founder's Award Winner: Robbie Gribble
     Alumnus Graham Pruss speaks to 2013 Graduates
    Graduate Jessica Godinez
    Graduate Megan Biglow 
    Graduate Alicia Rodrigues
     Graduate Robbie Gribble
    Graduate Sarah Cobbett
    Performance by Jack Sterbenc
    Performance by Sarah Cobbett and Megan Biglow
    Meet the Mid-Peninsula High School Class of 2013